The world’s leading brands choose #unforgettable

From finance to pharma, consumers goods to consulting, the world’s most innovative companies are using the world’s most innovative platform.

Accenture uses Touchcast to enhance their thought leadership and stay connected across the globe. 

Pfizer has created hundreds of interactive videos to share content in an effective and engaging way between team members and with HCP’s.   

Aldermore is excited to use Touchcast to turn their communications into unforgettable experiences.

AstraZeneca has quadrupled their video engagement rate with Touchcast.

Unilever is using Touchcast to keep employees across the globe informed and connected.

BBC used Touchcast to create an award-winning interactive documentary and add depth to their digital content.

Teams at Deloitte share valuable information and findings with one another as well as improve their sales & marketing to clients.

WPP used Touchcast to enhance high-value C-suite communications and deliver more impactful strategy and product updates to their subsidiary agencies and retailers.

CXP uses Touchcast to deliver curated research reports to their clients.

Oracle used Touchcast to easily deliver all the information their customers need about their new product offerings in one video.

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