Video Creation


Unleash the power of video.

Create video like a world-class broadcaster.

We make it simple and easy for everyone to access and harness the power of video.

  • Smart—Filled with advanced features like a built-in teleprompter and interactive graphics to help you communicate confidently.
  • Beautiful—Produce videos in HD with animated backgrounds, great-looking titles, and filters.
  • Intuitive—Creation tools simple enough for anyone to use, but powerful enough for the most demanding video professionals.
  • Engaging—Viewers don’t just watch a TouchCast, they click on, tap and explore all the media contained inside.

Create the simplest message or the most sophisticated, interactive video. TouchCast Studio lets you do it all.

  • Create Smart Videos that are interactive and engaging.
  • Share documents, web pages, and other media inside the video.
  • Shoot in gorgeous, HD on your mobile device or import video captured elsewhere.
  • Place yourself in a virtual set or any location with green-screen background removal.
  • Read a script right into the camera with the built-in teleprompter.
  • Add lower-third titles, watermarks, filters, and sound effects.
  • Stream live to a broader audience.

Make a human connection.

As humans, we are supposed to communicate visually; we glean huge amounts of subtle but vital information through what we see. But as the digital world fragments and splinters we communicate in an increasingly unnatural, un-visual and unproductive way.

Through our Smart Video platform, we help people capture and bring the life, richness and interactivity back into their communications through video annotations, creative green-screen backgrounds, and more, helping them express themselves in a more visual, more human way.