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Communicate like a world-class broadcaster.

TouchCast Studio

TouchCast is the world’s best mobile video production platform, enabling everyone to be a professional broadcaster. Using our simple-to-use suite of apps, leading companies shoot, edit and stream beautiful HD interactive video – easily and cost-effectively.

Lambie-Nairn Broadcast

Ready to broadcast? Lambie-Nairn has been trusted for 30 years to design some of the most iconic identities and graphics for global TV giants like the BBC. Now Lambie-Nairn can support your company to come across like world-class broadcasters… on a budget you can afford.

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We’ve got three end-to-end packages
for all your video needs.

We’re trusted by major companies like Unilever, BBC, Pfizer and WPP to put Smart Video at the heart of communications.

You can’t create ‘emotion’ without ‘motion’.

Everyone loves video. Moving pictures move people. Seeing information brought to life on screen means communications sink in. Video is more individual, memorable, expressive and impressive than yet another dull email.

No wonder enterprises are embracing video as the most impactful way to speak to their teams and clients. But it can be tough to do video well. And if your communications look sloppy and amateur, so do you.

Become an instant video master.
Become a TouchCaster.

Thankfully, TouchCast’s ground-breaking tech whisks away that risk, and makes it easy for everyone to shoot, edit and share superbly professional video. Place yourself inside content. Add titles. Read from a scrolling script. Do everything you could in a TV studio, but from the convenience of your desk or on the go.

With TouchCast, it’s never been easier to custom-make your own high-quality interactive videos, and put your most brilliant ideas into motion.

The new age of communications.

We made video smarter. Now we’re making it more beautiful, too. We’ve partnered with Lambie-Nairn, the on-screen branding experts, who can create unique graphics packages tailored for you that work perfectly with our platform.

Together, we can turn your team into broadcasters. Let’s get you moving…


1. Starter

Core elements to make your business presentations broadcast-quality; includes an animated opener and closer, and titles.

2. Standard

Key assets developed and designed to make all your business presentations ‘broadcast-quality; includes Starter package PLUS a static background, logo animation and carefully selected library music.

3. Advanced

Multiple assets developed and designed to make all your business presentations ‘broadcast-quality’; includes Standard package PLUS a virtual TV set, moving backgrounds and specially-composed audio.


Highly tailored, broadcast-quality assets adapted to all your business presentation needs and designed for maximum impact; likely to include a bespoke virtual TV set as well as a range of audio and visual dynamic elements, animated logos and specially-composed audio.

Your personal producers: TouchCast.

Pioneers of visual communication technology, at TouchCast we’re all about enabling large enterprises to become video communicators with maximum effect, yet minimum fuss. Our system allows you to transform your iPad into a fully-equipped, easy-to-operate TV studio, with the ability to place anything from the web inside a video. And then allowing viewers to interact with all this rich content.

We provide a secure enterprise platform specially-built to make your communications more effective, more efficient, more engaging – and more human.

Your dedicated directors: Lambie-Nairn.

Multi award-winning creative branding agency Lambie-Nairn have been trusted for over 30 years to design and deliver dynamic broadcast identities, by the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. When it comes to helping companies stand out and be heard in an ever-evolving, multi-screen world, they have the know-how, the can-do, and the perfect mix of smarts and art.