Be impressive.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re pitching an idea, presenting a concept or reporting on a big project, you always need to impress. And however swish it is, a deck just doesn’t cut it. Where’s the expression and human touch in a bunch of slides? With TouchCast, you can make pitches, presentations and reports come to life. Create engaging video with tools so simple to use that what you want to convey makes a big splash.
Be impressive, with TouchCast.


Bring your ideas to life.

Communicate visually. Present flawlessly.

  • Make your point with TouchCast Smart Video; include slides, photos, websites, and other media in your video to engage your audience.
  • Easy-to-use video tools that enable you to have all the features of a high-end TV studio and editing suite at your fingertips to create an enaging presentation.
  • Speak confidently with helpful features like the built-in teleprompter in TouchCast Studio.
  • Add titles, effects, or draw directly on the video to show your colleagues exactly what you mean.
  • Place any presentation in background or do a screencast of a website that viewers can actually click on.

Make an emotional connection with your audience.

  • Humans are visual creatures. Let your audience look you in the eye when you want to get your point across quicker.
  • The sound of your voice brimming with excitement for a new project is more convincing than a long, boring email.
  • With TouchCast Smart Video, viewers can click on any file, website, or media in the video for a more engaging experience.

If your communications look sloppy and amateur, so do you. Studio allows you to produce video just like a professional using a mobile device. How smart is that?

  • Communicate like a video pro
  • Share supporting documents, web pages, and other media inside the video
  • Take viewers deeper with multiple layers of content
  • Add lower-third titles, watermarks, and custom branding
  • Include polls, surveys, and other interactive graphics.
  • Embeddable on any web page.
  • Stream live to a broader audience.

Case study: Presentations (Unilever).

Unilever's Consumer Market Insights function embraced TouchCast in September 2014. With more than 700 people across 60 odd countries, sharing important information in an accurate and inspiring way is challenging. TouchCast has made this simple. With TouchCasts's interactive video Studio, CMI team members are able to present to one another, no matter where they are.

Gemma Bumpsteed

Protocol Management Director Unilever

We all know communication and sharing information are best when they’re done in person, but with a team of 100s of people all around the world this isn’t always possible. At Unilever CMI we have a significant amount of research, data and insights to cascade among our team members and more widely across the entire company. With TouchCast we can achieve this because the tools are easy to use and the platform enables us to share documents, videos and other

Stan Sthanunathan
EVP, Unilever

Example: The state of the world's children by Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder (UNICEF).